Bohol is just two hours away from Cebu City. And with that, it’s a must that once you’re in Cebu, you should definitely visit Bohol as well. Simply ride a ferry and you will be there in no time.

There are two types of tours travel agencies offer: countryside and island. I chose countryside tour because I only have limited time and I have to get back to Cebu after. Plus, I only wanted to visit sites Bohol is famous for.

Our first stop, Bohol Python and Wildlife Park. This is just, I believe, a typical zoo with much less animals. I actually don’t quite like it because I’m definitely not a fan of going to such places. I also pity the animals because they really look sad.

Poor chicken, you will be his lunch later…

Next, Loboc Man-made Forest. I wonder why it’s  called man-made forest. Was it because it was intentionally planted to look like a forest? I don’t know. Well luckily, the rain stopped for a while, we are able to go out of the van and have a little peek at it. Need to be extra-careful though as this is a public road, vehicles are passing by.

Sarah, Swiss, one of my tourmates. “Are you Korean?” “No, I’m not.” “Oh! But you look like one.” *me: kilig inside* (We did the new Korean pose after, finger hearts, only it’s in her phone.)

Chocolate Hills. Due to bad weather again, I could barely see these infamous hills I only see on my gradeshool textbooks then. It was so misty up there. Nevertheless, it was such a good feeling to finally be in this place.

Next up, Tarsier Conservation Area. I just read recently that this is the unethical/unofficial site for seeing tarsiers. I just don’t understand why travel packages include this instead of the legitimate one. Maybe because it’s more accessible. It’s recommended to visit Philippine Tarsier Sanctuary in Corella, Bohol instead. It is where tarsiers live the normal way.

Apologies for disturbing you, little creature…

It’s lunchtime hence it’s cruise time, Loboc River Cruise Floating Restaurant. I really looked forward to experience this eversince. I just love the idea of eating while chilling. Quite disappointed though because of the river’s color. Oh, bad weather.

Nothing much about this next site we visited, Bohol Butterfly & Bonsai Garden. The name says it all.

Next is Baclayon Church. The church is still under renovation due to this massive earthquake that hitted Bohol in 2013. The facade and the bell tower are, I believe, fully restored now. The insides need more time to refurbish, though.

Feam Anne Avila, local of Bohol. She always goes to this church after school just to make friends with everybody. Count me in, little girl. And I hope to see you again in the future because you inspire me.

Last stop, Blood Compact. I really thought there are lots of statues there. Only to find out, there is just only one. And the location is just along the road, you wouldn’t thought this is also one of the things you see on your textbooks that you really wanted to visit then. This made me upset but yeah, whatever.

“Tagay, pare.”

To sum up this tour, I guess, it’s already enough that I got to visit these landmarks everybody’s rooting to visit for as a child. Also, I think countryside tour is apt to understand everything about Bohol.



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