Cebu is much more famous now because of its wonderful attractions to its Southern part. A 3-hour bus ride will bring you to a jam-packed attractions South Cebu has to offer. This place is definitely a one-stop shop (no, spot?).

Sad to say, I only have a day to stay in South Cebu. And here’s a sadder thing, the weather didn’t cooperate again according to plan. I even thought of not pushing-through anymore and just lay down in bed all day. But yeah, I did fight this sick idea!

Day 3: South Cebu (January 17, 2017)

Since I was just solo, I just joined a group of friends under the same tour we hired. Our first stop is Pescador Islands, known for its snorkeling, swimming with turtles and sardines run. Unfortunately, we couldn’t do the sardines run because of the big waves. Damn this weather! Nonetheless, it was really fun seeing colorful fishes and turtles upclose.

Swimming with the fishes…

Chasing turtles…

During lunch time, we were advised that the access to waterfalls were now closed to public due to this damn bad weather. And with that, we were no longer able to do canyoneering and chase waterfalls. Ugh!

So next up, and definitely already the last on our itinerary, is trekking to Osmeña Peak. It was already a struggle for us on the way up inside the van because of thick fog. I didn’t even expected to see beautiful sites anymore because of it.

On the way up there. Slippery…

Reached the highest peak in Cebu at zero visibility…

Another solo traveller savoring the moment being on top of Cebu. I didn’t have the courage to do it because of the strong wind. I can’t even stand on my own feet, I have to hold onto something.

Eventhough the weather didn’t cooperate with me (okay, I should stop blaming it), I must say that indeed I enjoyed these three attractions albeit the struggle is hell real. Maybe next time, I’ll get back here and intend three days just on the South.



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